We can learn something new everytime we believe we can (Virginia Satir)

Supervision for Professionals

I offer clinical and professional supervision to people working in the field of pscyhotherapy who use systemic approaches and/or mindfulness-based approaches. 

Systemic Supervision

As an AFT accredited systemic supervisor I offer systemic supervision to individuals and groups who are working systemically with individuals, couples or families, either as part of their training or their CPD.

Supervision sessions can be held retrospectively (talking about aspects of your clinical practice) or ‘live’, in which case I can join your clinical practice as part of the therapeutic system.

My fee for one hour of individual supervision is £70.


Mindfulness Based Supervision

I offer supervision to professionals who use MBCT and/or MBSR in their clinical practice. As part of the Good Practice Guidelines of the UK Network of Mindfulness-Based Teachers and Trainers the "ongoing good practice requirements" recommend:

Regular supervision with an experienced mindfulness-based teacher including:

  • The opportunity to reflect on/inquire into personal process in relation to personal mindfulness practice and mindfulness-based teaching practice
  • Receiving periodic feedback on teaching through video recordings, supervisor sitting in on teaching sessions or co-teaching with reciprocal feedback.

I am happy to discuss your individual requirements and see how we might be able to engage in mindfulness-based supervision.

My fee for individual Mindfulness-Based Supervision is £70.

Canterbury, Kent

t: 0791 4038 123

e: therapy@drmarcusaverbeck.co.uk